Adsorbent metering

For flue gas purification to be effective, the adsorbent must be available at the right time in the right quantity at the right place. Whether activated carbon, blast furnace coke (BFC) or lime hydrate: IB Verfahrens- und Anlagentechnik’s metering systems work so precisely that they are able to meet the process demand for adsorbents with optimum efficiency and at constant low pressure. This ensures that pollutants can be reduced to an optimum level with an economical use of materials.

Facts that will convince you

  • Low-dust and contamination-free emptying
  • Frequency controlled dosing option
  • Simultaneous dosing in several lines
  • Direct dosing and batching
  • Minimal maintenance effort
  • Simple handling
  • Compact and sturdy construction
  • Flexibility due to adaptable construction
  • Assembly and commissioning on site
  • Rental station available for test drive
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Product description

Stations to meter activated carbon are used to remove harmful substances. Particularly in flue gas cleaning, our systems are in use in waste-fuelled power stations, conventional power stations, cement works and sewage sludge incineration plants. The adsorbent is metered from containers, Big Bags or silos. The correct storage and metering tank depends on the application quantity and the distribution channels selected by you.

The metering station can be used to operate several injection points at the same time. An individual quantity can be set for each injector. We use specially manufactured cellular wheel sluices for injection.

Explosion protection inside and outside the system is provided in accordance with the ATEX directive.


Depending on the measured harmful substance concentration (TARGET value), the activated carbon is metered via a speed-controlled cellular wheel sluice. The concentration of harmful substances is generally determined by the owner and transmitted to the metering station. We monitor and control the activated carbon feed. Agree upon the exact interfaces in advance.


The stationary and mobile stations can be made of different materials and with different surface treatments. The frame is made of hot-dip galvanised standard steel 1.0038 as standard. Parts that come into contact with the product are made of 1.4301.

Functional description

During dry adsorption, the adsorbents are injected into the flue gas duct using a low-pressure conveyor for example. The activated carbon absorbs the harmful substances and separates them in a particle filter.

In water treatment and wastewater cleaning, metering is performed in the fluid phase via metering screws (micro metering devices) or water jet injectors.

Our individual customer solutions in the adsorbent metering sector

Our systems differ as much as our customers’ requirements and almost always have an individual note. Each system is therefore unique.

We can use system modules to offer, design and produce numerous solutions quickly and in a reproducible manner. Furthermore, our range of modules increases continuously due to the requirements of our new customers.

The references section provides you with a selection of customer projects that have already been completed, along with notable special features.