Container filling stations

IB Verfahrens- und Anlagentechnik’s filling stations link the production of bulk materials without intermediate buffering with logistics. This paves the way for the economical production of even smaller orders, as no separate buffer storage is required. The stations, which ensure efficient, dust-free and contamination-free filling, are individually adapted to the requirements on site.

The units can be equipped with different docking plates with large surface seals. Furthermore, there are docking connections with inflatable clamps for different barrels, octabins or containers. The docking unit is moved pneumatically. This does not lose contact during filling thanks to its spring bearing. In everyday use, the stations are located directly under silos, mixers or dryers.

Facts that will convince you

  • Frame made of steel and stainless steel
  • Fits all container sizes
  • Docking plate with large-area seal for different barrels, octabins and containers
  • Docking connection with inflatable clamp for constant round openings
  • Combination of docking connection with inflatable clamp with adaptable docking plate
  • Seal in various materials
  • Weighing possible
  • Vibratory table for products with poor flowing properties
  • Adjustable height (manual, electric, pneumatic)
  • FDA/food compliant in accordance with EC 1935 / 2004
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Product description

The container filling stations can be used to fill bulk materials containers, octabins, barrels and Big Bags quickly and easily, and without loss, cross-contamination and dust formation.


The docking plate is moved upwards and downwards pneumatically. An option for further height adjustment can also be provided. The seal for the docking connection for bulk materials containers, octabins and barrels is spring-loaded. Thanks to the spring loading, the docking plate is tight to the container’s filling connection.


The container filling process can be optimised with a shaking table. This is used to compact the product in the container or for products with poor flowing properties.


It is operated using a simple controller that is suitable for the application. Of course, the system can also be integrated into a process control system.


An ATEX-approved design is also possible.


The complete station and all parts that come into contact with the product can be made of steel 1.0038 or stainless steel 1.4301. Other materials are also possible. The seal material can be designed to be FDA-approved.

Functional description

Inserting the container

The bulk materials container is moved into the station using a forklift or a pallet truck. The container cover is then opened. Pressing a button lowers the docking connection until the entire seal surface is on the container’s filling connection.


Starting the filling process

Pressing the start button opens the shut-off device and starts to fill the container. A shut-off valve, a cellular wheel sluice, a vibration flap, a metering screw or a conical closure is used as the metering device.


Completing the filling process

In a gravimetric filling process, the filling process stops when the target weight is reached. In order to obtain a metering weight that is as accurate as possible, the last kilos are metered in fine flow mode and the docking connection lifts upwards off the container.

Volumetric filling via a metering screw or a vacuum conveyor can also be provided. The filling process is switched off when the maximum fill level is reached here.

The bulk materials container is sealed to the cover and can be conveyed to the next process step.

Our individual customer solutions in the container and barrel handling sector

Our systems differ as much as our customers’ requirements and almost always have an individual note. Each system is therefore unique.

We can use system modules to offer, design and produce numerous solutions quickly and in a reproducible manner. Furthermore, our range of modules increases continuously due to the requirements of our new customers.

The references section provides you with a selection of customer projects that have already been completed, along with notable special features.