Disposing of Big Bags in a barrel

When disposing of Big Bags that are filled with aggressive cyanuric chloride powder, the operator’s safety and the materials requirements were in the foreground. This was implemented using a Big Bag compactor made of V4A and disposal in barrels.

Special features at a glance

  • Stainless steel 1.4404
  • Big Bag cycle counter
  • Dust-tight compaction in barrels
  • Roller carriage for barrels
  • Connection to dedusting unit provided by the customer
  • Mobile device
  • Access protection
  • Generously sized infeed
  • ATEX zones 22 interior
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The operator places the Big Bag that is to be disposed of into the open compactor. After closing the cover, compaction starts and the Big Bag is pressed into the barrel that is connected. An integrated cycle counter switches further compaction processes off automatically after a predefined number of inserted Big Bags in order to prevent the barrel overfilling. After an empty barrel has docked on, the operator can start the new compaction process.