Emptying Big Bags, bags and boxes

Multi-purpose station: Big Bags and bags are emptied in the smallest space and with extremely limited room height. Additives are conveyed to the station from production areas that are far away via the integrated vacuum conveyor. The integrated sieve breaker ensures that no clumps get into the downstream process. Frequency-controlled screw metering systems are used for metering. The complete station can be moved.

Special features at a glance

  • Clump breaking using an oscillating sieve breaker
  • Metering via the mobile discharge screw
  • Product feed with vacuum suction cup
  • ATEX version inside and out
  • Easy to clean stainless steel design
  • Different Big Bags and bags
  • Mobile frame with operating platform
  • Low clear height
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The combined emptying station for homogenising raw materials to manufacture fertilisers is space-saving, mobile and flexible to use.

In order to insert raw materials that are delivered in boxes into the process from the lower building storey, the emptying station is equipped with a high-performance vacuum conveyor. The vacuum suction cup can be operated in parallel with the Big Bag emptying system.

In order to prevent larger accumulations in the product, there is an oscillating sieve breaker below the discharge. This can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. Mobile discharge screws are used for metering.