IB Additive for effective powder handling.

Powder handling for additive manufacturing

IB Additive is our brand for highly productive material flow technology in 3D printing production with metal or plastic powder.

Additive production is successful and has become an established manufacturing method for goods and components. We want to accompany the different processes as a know-how partner with modularized solutions from an extensive construction kit.

For the supply of plastic powders for additive manufacturing we rely on a modular system for materials management. In this way we ensure a stable process thanks to professional handling of different plastic powders. In addition, modularity gives our customers maximum freedom to convert or expand existing systems or combine them in a completely new way. This creates certainty that they are ideally equipped for new plastic products.

Our product groups in AM powder handling

Let’s print ourselves a product then. With the triumph of additive manufacturing in industrial fabrication, the importance of a fully automated supply of the 3D printers with powders from different types of metals, alloys or plastic mixtures is increasing. IB Additive ensures supply security for the powder bed process with its material flow solutions. Depending on the customer-specific production environment, both screening machines for purely manual container and powder handling and solutions with integrated vacuum conveying are available. All IB Additive screening machines include proven ultrasonic systems, integrated inerting and residual oxygen monitoring. Integrated weighing assemblies allow accurate filling or emptying of a wide variety of containers.

Automated powder handling in industrial 3D printing

You can expect us to build good machines. You can also expect us to design a total solution that perfectly fits your additive production. That is why IB Additive sees itself primarily as a system partner for the complete material flow of plastic powders and metal powders for 3D printers. Beyond pure technology, what counts most is the know-how of our employees. We bundle this in services for planning, conception as well as the seamless system integration into the automation technology of our customers.

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