Vacuum conveyor

In addition to the various filling and emptying stations, IB Verfahrens- und Anlagentechnik also supplies the corresponding vacuum conveyor. You can therefore obtain the entire raw materials handling system from a single source. The vacuum conveyor basically works like a standard vacuum cleaner. The conveyed material is in a closed system from the product feed to the product discharge. The correct composition can ensure that the product is inserted continuously and discontinuously into storage containers, reactors, stirrer tanks and mixing tanks.

Facts that will convince you

  • Modular design for a high degree of customisation
  • Low-dust conveyance
  • Integration into the production environment
  • Control engineering and system integration
  • Design in steel and stainless steel
  • ATEX version
  • FDA in compliance with Regulation (EC) 1935/2004
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Product description

The required basic equipment for a functioning vacuum conveyor comprises the vacuum intake, the conveyance line, a vacuum conveyor and the corresponding controller. Our modular device range enables individual adjustment to your tasks.


The vacuum pump generates the required vacuum in the conveyance system. The pump is located in the clean air section after the suction conveyor’s filter elements.


Vacuum conveyors are cylindrical filter housings to separate the material flow at the product discharge location. Several filter cartridges or filter hoses are installed in the vacuum conveyor to separate the product. Generously sized filter elements ensure even conveying rate, low energy consumption and a long service life.


The vacuum that prevails inside the system contributes decisively to increasing working safety, as nothing can escape to the outside in the event of leaks. This also guarantees a clean working environment. Using the vacuum conveyor means that bags are no longer required to be lifted frequently. This relieves your employees.

The closed design enables explosion-protected versions according to ATEX in accordance with Product Directive 94/9/EC for dust and gas, and shock pressure resistant versions.

Functional description

Generating the vacuum

The vacuum pump generates a vacuum in the entire pipeline network, up to and including the product feed. The product discharge is closed in this process step and the conveyed material is sucked into the vacuum conveyor. The suction process is controlled by a defined cycle time, a fill level sensor or weighing.


Separating the product in the vacuum conveyor

Once the product arrives in the vacuum conveyor, it is separated on the filters. The filters are installed in the upper part of the conveyor so that the product collects in the conveyor’s lower part thanks to gravity. At the same time, the compressed air tank for filter cleaning fills.


Conveying discontinuously

In discontinuous mode, the suction process is interrupted. The product is guided to the subsequent process by opening the discharge flap. The vacuum pump that is controlled by compressed air switches on and off regularly in this case. The electrical vacuum pump remains switched on permanently and the vacuum is interrupted by opening a bypass valve. The filters are cleaned when the flap is open.


Conveying continuously

In continuous mode with a cellular wheel sluice, the product is sucked in without interruptions and transferred to the next process. The filters are cleaned at regular intervals. The vacuum is retained during cleaning. Even conveying rate, low energy consumption and a long service life.

Our individual customer solutions in the pneumatic conveyance sector

Our systems differ as much as our customers’ requirements and almost always have an individual note. Each system is therefore unique.

We can use system modules to offer, design and produce numerous solutions quickly and in a reproducible manner. Furthermore, our range of modules increases continuously due to the requirements of our new customers.

The references section provides you with a selection of customer projects that have already been completed, along with notable special features.