Big Bag sealing clamp

With our OSC, we are paving the way for combining all the advantages of large-volume product feeding with basic dosing options. In addition, the bag can be re-closed after the desired amount of bulk material has been removed.

The pneumatically driven outlet closing clamp works steplessly and closes the sack very easily and ergonomically.

Facts that will convince you

  • Simple handling
  • Hoses from Ø 200 to 500 mm
  • Portable aluminium version (15-17 kg)
  • Cable hanger for comfortable working
  • ATEX version
  • Simple and safe operation (plug & play)
  • Each position of the shears can be statically fixed
  • Rental devices
  • Stationary version for installation in stainless steel discharge station
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Product description

Discharge sealing clamps are ideal to partially empty and roughly meter Big Bags. These robust and compact devices are used to re-seal the emptying hose the is filled with product. If you’ve already tried this, you’ll know that you can’t do this with pure brute force. A user-friendly and flexible solution to this problem is the pneumatically-driven Big Bag seal.


All variants require a connection to the local compressed air network with an operating pressure of 4-6 bar. The discharge sealing clamps are delivered with the following components:

  • Handles
  • Pressure control valve with pressure gauge
  • 5 m compressed air hose and ½“coupling


The discharge sealing clamp is available in two different sizes with different clamp opening widths:



  • Opening width at the clamp tip Ø 400 mm
  • Opening width at the widest point Ø 520 mm
  • Dimensions approx. 700 x 1250 x 160 mm
  • Weight approx. 15 kg



  • Opening width at the clamp tip Ø 500 mm
  • Opening width at the widest point Ø 635 mm
  • Dimensions approx. 800 x 1350 x 180 mm
  • Weight approx. 17 kg


The mobile clamps are made of powder-coated aluminium as standard. The clamps can also be made of stainless steel for the food industry.

Functional description

The discharge sealing clamp can be used immediately!


After connecting the DSC to the compressed air network via a hose, sensitive operation is performed using the pneumatic buttons for opening and closing. The set position is retained thanks to the use of a non-return valve.


The closing forces can be adjusted infinitely using a pressure controller. The Big Bag seal is ready for use immediately after installing.

Our individual customer solutions in the Big Bag handling sector

Our systems differ as much as our customers’ requirements and almost always have an individual note. Each system is therefore unique.

We can use system modules to offer, design and produce numerous solutions quickly and in a reproducible manner. Furthermore, our range of modules increases continuously due to the requirements of our new customers.

The references section provides you with a selection of customer projects that have already been completed, along with notable special features.