Adsorbent dosing from the Big Bag (MVA)

The IB Verfahrens- und Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co KG solution concept comprises the main components of the Big Bag emptying station with receiver tank, the rotary feeder and the downstream continuous injector conveyor. The injector conveyor comprises an injector designed for the purpose, a rotary piston blower and a compressed air line. The rotary piston blower generates the vacuum required for the injector conveyor.

Special features at a glance

  • Electrical chain hoist and electrical trolley
  • Accurate metering via cellular wheel sluice
  • Continuous injector conveyor of up to 100 m
  • Outlet hose stretching device
  • Receiver tank with fluidisation
  • Conveying rate of 300 to 3,000 kg/h
  • Control system with connection to the control room
  • Hose line to the injection point
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During thermal recycling of residual materials, sodium bicarbonate (BIRCARBONAT) is used in the flue gas cleaner in order to adhere to emission limit values. The acidic harmful substances have to be neutralised, especially if there are multiple batches with a high PVC content. In order to be able to react in as targeted a manner as possible, the required quantity of BIRCARBONAT must be metered and able to be injected into the flue gas duct.

The BIRCARBONAT is provided in FIBCs (Big Bags) and moved into and positioned in the Big Bag station using the integrated electrical chain hoist. The Big Bag discharge connection is provided by a dust-proof, pneumatic docking station. The system is now ready for operation. If the process control technology requests BIRCARBONAT, the Big Bag empties into a receiver tank. The product is conveyed from there into the injector via a cellular wheel sluice. The required quantity is determined by the cellular wheel sluice’s variable speed. The injector is continuously pressurised via the rotary piston blower. The air flow is first accelerated there and then charged with the metered quantity of BIRCARBONAT. The air flow that is charged with BIRCARBONAT is then decelerated and transferred to the pressure conveyance line. The flying conveyance generated conveys the BIRCARBONAT to the injection point in the flue gas duct and it is distributed into the flue gas flow there. The acidic harmful substances can now be neutralised.

The system is controlled by the switch and control cabinet provided. This is equipped with a PLC and a touch panel among other things. The system can be operated from the control room using the process control technology. All required signals and parameters ate exchanged and adjusted. All important parameters are monitored by corresponding sensors and displayed. Staff are only required to replace the Big Bag, which is indicated ion good time by the visualisation on the display and in the control room.

The system can be equipped with the optional Big Bag milling device, stretching device, cleaned dedusting with dust return and with fluidisation in the receiver tank. The complete system is designed for continuous operation with a metering range of 300 to 3,000 kg/h and a conveyance distance of up to 100 m. Larger quantities can also be conveyed if required.