Years of experience

in system technology

The entire team at a glance

The people behind IB Verfahrenstechnik are a team of experienced engineers and
technicians with a passion for bulk materials.

We have several decades of experience in conveying technology and have
always valued personal contact with our customers right from the very outset –
with the aim of designing tailor-made technology from a modular system.

Andreas Landenberger

Technical manager

Arthur Hooge

Head of Sales

Florian Stiller

Technical sales

Rolf Stuke

Technical sales

Harry Lippmann

Project manager

Marina Fromme


Frank Bracht

Production manager

Company history

We have been developing solutions and systems in different sectors as IB Verfahrens- und Anlagentechnik since 2007. We can therefore fall back on decades of experience in conveyor technology for conventional bulk materials technology. In the field of additive manufacturing, we are also represented in the industry with the IB Additive brand. The registered office of IB Verfahrens- und Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG is Lage-Heiden in the East Westphalia-Lippe technology belt.


Since 2023 we are a member of the Piab Group, , the experts in vacuum automation, end-of-arm tooling, powder and bulk material handling and semi-automatic lifting aids for various industries. The Piab Group also includes other brands such as TAWI, Joulin and Coval. Further information at:

Code of Conudct

Read more about our Code of Conduct.

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Reporting Misconduct

Piab Group strives to achieve transparency and a high level of business ethics. Our whistleblowing service offers the possibility to alert the organisation about suspicions of misconduct in a confidential way. It is an important tool for reducing risks and maintaining trust in our operations by enabling us to detect and act on possible misconduct at an early stage. Whistleblowing can be done openly or anonymously.

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Competences: We’re really good at this

As an experienced system construction company, we guarantee professional and customer-oriented completion of individual projects. Our customers benefit from direct points of contact first and foremost, from in-house production and short communication and decision routes.

Experience in system construction

The basis for professional and customer-oriented completion of individual projects.

Close project partnership

We bring experience to the table right from the early engineering phases.

Fixed points of contact

This provides clarity and ensures lean and efficient internal processes for a faultless project course.

Short routes

We remain faithful to ourselves and therefore maintain short communication and decision routes from development to production and commissioning.


Our systems are so modular and configured so openly that they fit into any production environment.

In-house production, in-house service

We know what we build, where our competence is and how to assist our customers best with tailored service during the operating phase.