Sensitising products that are hazardous to health require maximum occupational safety. In the “Glovebox”, the paper or plastic bag disappears in an enclosed space with glass pane. To open it, the employee reaches into gauntlet gloves, which are tightly connected to the “glovebox”. The bags are fed via a roller conveyor arranged on the side. This design provides maximum ergonomics even when handling reactive and health critical products.

Facts that will convince you

  • Integrated control system with connection to PLC
  • Customer-specific adaptations
  • Top-mounted filter with pneumatic cleaning and fan
  • Connection to external dedusting unit
  • Glovebox gloves made of various materials
  • Integrated or mobile empty bag compactor
  • Working and operating platforms
  • Lighting
  • FDA/Food compliant in accordance with EC 1935/2004
  • ATEX version
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Product description

The Glovebox is used especially to empty bags and small containers with dangerous and sensitising raw materials. The infeed is provided on the side via a closable flap. Even if the flap is open, the infeed opening is also sealed as far as possible using a strip curtain.


The Glovebox housing’s height can be adjusted. This enables ergonomic working.


To ensure that the dust does not escape to the outside, the Glovebox is kept at a vacuum by the extraction system provided by the customer or an internal dust extraction system. The filters can also be equipped with safety filters (HEPA).


The closed bag emptying stations are made of stainless steel 1.4301 as standard. Other materials can also be used upon request.


High quality versions that are free of dead space are provided for the pharmaceutical industry. For the food industry, the system components that come into contact with the products are designed in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1935/2004.

Our individual customer solutions in the bag handling sector

Our systems differ as much as our customers’ requirements and almost always have an individual note. Each system is therefore unique.

We can use system modules to offer, design and produce numerous solutions quickly and in a reproducible manner. Furthermore, our range of modules increases continuously due to the requirements of our new customers.

The references section provides you with a selection of customer projects that have already been completed, along with notable special features.